Ranger Bootcamp


One fast paced, action packed camp full of training, airsoft missions, team work, challenges, classes, wildlife, scenery adventure.  Have you got what it takes to get through Ranger Camp?

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All about the Ranger Bootcamp.

Ranger Boot Camp


This 3 Day camp gives you the chance to undergo some basic training fun and action with team activities including: Battlefield Airsoft, Hikes, Bush & Survival Craft, Navigation & Orienteering, Night Patrols, Self Defense, 1stAid, Physical Training Sessions & Obstacle Course.  Have you ever wanted to join the military or experience a bit of the action? Well this camp is like Basic Training with a twist.  Expect to sleep and eat in the wild on the first night and expect to take part in a series of progressive challenges that will put you all to the test.

An awesome camp for groups looking for a fun, muddy and challenging team experiences that takes you beyond the normal civilian realm.  This Camp is run by our Ex-Military Instructors, Survival & Mountain Leaders.  You are in for one hell of a ride.

You will be busy with things to do but will also have plenty of time to chill out, do art, read, relax and socialise together.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

What is Included?


* 3 days/2 nights Full Board (Various)

* All meals, snacks & refreshments

* Briefings & Lessons

* Combat LIVE Airsoft Missions

* Hikes and Night Patrols

* Improvised 1st Aid Training

* ‘The Grizzly’ Obstacle Course

* Bush & Survival Craft Skills

* Navigation Challenge

* PT Sessions & Self Defense

* Problem Solving Tasks

* Shelter Building

* Campfire, BBQ & Movie Night

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