Wilderness Day

In our Wilderness Camp you will inhabit the forest and learn to live wild. Learn bushcraft techniques and survival crafting from our Ranger team.  Build your shelters, light your fires and cook your own cuisine.  Immerse yourself in nature, learn outdoors, create art, explore and go a bit wild.


During the day you will carry out various challenges and tasks to keep you on your toes.  Our Ranger team will let you know on the day as we like surprises!

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Combat Day

Load in your group into combat camp for the day. Learn a variety of lessons in tactics, teamwork and problem solving. Take part in a variety of missions such as Team Deathmatch, VIP Escort, Sabotage and Capture The Flag.  We also run scenarios days based on your level of ability that incorporate stories and objectives.

All using professional tactical airsoft equipment including M4, MP5, AK47 and more. Call of Duty 4D for those that have what it takes!

You will be provided protective equipment, weapons, ammunition and safety training.  We have optional extras such as smoke grenades, merchandise and snacks in our HQ.

Lunch and refreshments included in your day also.

We have over 100 different activities and lessons you can learn during a combat day so each time you visit you can challenge yourself at something new.

Time to go full commando.

Wellness Day

Enjoy the lighter side of leisure with nature walks, forest yoga, viewpoint art and various quiet activities out in the wild. Bring your group for the day and enjoy tech free wildlife, nature, art, snacks and quiet areas for yoga, mediations and reading. Enjoy some nice woodland strolls and unwind for the day.

Strength & Fitness Day

A day packed full of fitness classes, challenges, healthy meals and fun lessons with our team.  A great day for sports teams or if you are looking for a kick start to a new you.