WildGoose Wildlife Rangers

    The Wildgoose Wildlife Rangers are our non-profit branch of the business that is made up of a variety of military veterans and specialists who are passionate about wildlife and its future protection from crime.  Our Rangers deliver expert camps, events and bookings all year so that we can provide essential equipment, supplies and training to anti-poaching Rangers in Africa such as the Green Mambas.  The Rangers also work to support young adults in the UK with our scout programmes and help inspire future generations into a career in wildlife protection.


     If you are a interested in joining the Wildlife Rangers  or support the cause then please get in touch.


    You can WIN a trip to Kwazulu Natal, Africa with the Wild Tomorrow Team in 2022 on one of our Volunteer Trips worth over £7000.

    Raffle tickets coming out soon.



    22 Locations
    27 RANGERS


    Elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffe and other amazing wild animals in Southern Africa are struggling. The poaching crisis, diminishing reserve budgets, and a lack of wild space are all having disastrous effects.

    Wild Tomorrow Fund is committed to helping in the most effective ways possible. To do that, we ask the people whose job it is to protect the animals – the reserve managers, anti-poaching units and ecologists – what help they need most.


    To Donate to Wild Tomorrow Fund please follow the link below:



    You can buy your own Ranger T-Shirt HERE we think you’ll look great wearing one of our Wildlife Ranger unisex t-shirts. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that the proceeds go towards their salaries, food and equipment.


    You can buy wildlife prints by WILDGOOSE PHOTOGRAPHY here that helps us too.


    We support our UK Veterans of Army, Navy, RAF, Police, Fire & NHS by offering opportunities for employment, training and rehabilitation camps.   It is a chance for them to put their valuable life skills into action and help inspire new generations of outdoor wildlife loving rangers.


    We are always collecting army surplus equipment, second hand tools, clothing and other essential useful items.  We can then send this directly to our partners Wild Tomorrow Fund.  The equipment care packages alongside some occasional training and support from our veteran team can help local anti poaching teams to protect and save more habit and more rare endangered species.


    If you want to help, fundraise or donate some equipment for our cause then please get in touch.